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hand-carved talismans to accompany you through life’s journey and add connection and magic to everyday.

Ready to Ship

a small amount of core pieces that are ready to ship within 5 working days.

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Mama Moon Faces

inspired by the moon, the mother and the cyclical nature of feminine energy.

Made to Order

most pieces can be made to order in your chosen metal or ring size, meaning less waste and something created especially for you.

Hand carved

Handmade jewellery carved slowly and intentionally at the kitchen table amongst the beautiful mess and chaos of motherhood.


Making pieces in small batches and having everything produced in the UK, using only recycled metals, helps ensure there is little environmental impact in production as possible.

To last a lifetime and beyond

Made to be treasured talismans to accompany through life’s journey, and be passed down as heirlooms when the time is right.

Our Story

Our story began in 2019, here is a little introduction to the journey that brought us here.

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Made To Last

Each piece is handmade to order through the ancient art of lost wax casting, this means each item of jewellery has been cast in small batches in solid metals and your piece has been crafted especially for you. This not only ensures that waste is kept to a minimum, it also means they have been designed and made to last you a lifetime and beyond if cared for correctly. 

Brass jewellery will naturally dull and tarnish over time, and on some people may leave a small greenish shadow on the skin. This is caused by a chemical reaction with the salt naturally present in the skin, and moisture however this varies between person to person. Some find that they dont experience it at all and many find if they are well hydrated it doesnt happen either.

If your brass piece begins to dull, it can be returned to its former glory and sparkle by either polishing with a brass cloth, or rubbing with a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice. To avoid needing to do this regularly please avoid contact with water, perfumes and substances such as alcohol hand gel as much as possible.